Browsing the net for work trucks for sale

Nowadays, it’s not so uncommon to browse the Internet for work trucks for sale.  After all, the Net can show you a number of different websites from which to choose the perfect work truck for you.  Not only that, you can search and compare prices at the drop of a hat too.  For some people, it also is better than having to haggle with pesky salespeople and saving them the drive around towns and states.  How can you make searching for work trucks for sale faster and easier?

Do you have a favorite truck brand?

Sometimes it’s better to be honest with yourself and admit that you do have a favorite truck maker.  You can keep looking at all the listings of trucks but you find yourself automatically drawn to Ford, Chevrolet, GMC or Dodge and that’s fine.  It’s actually going to make your searching easier because you can just limit your search to include these 4 brands.  Of course, each of them also have different models under them so you may have to condense your search even further.

Just how heavy a payload do you need?

Since you are looking for a work truck for sale, then it’s natural to assume that you need a truck that can carry heavy loads without any problems.  There are trucks that have a payload of ½ ton, ¾ ton, 1-ton and even bigger and heavier loads.

You may also want to compare trucks based on actual size because there are compact, mid-size and full-sized trucks available depending on what you need them for.  You need to consider both the exterior and the interior size of the truck just so you have everything covered.

Does seating capacity have any bearing on your decision?

There are different seating capacities for work trucks.  The regular/standard cab is your basic truck that can accommodate the driver and one passenger.  It usually has a bench seat or two bucket seats and no additional storage but may have extra rear doors that swing open.  An extended cab truck may have 4-doors but definitely has extra seats at the back (although the comfort level for passengers may be sacrificed a little).

Gas or Diesel?

Just like branding, truck owners are very partial and adamant when made to choose between gas or diesel.  Gas engine trucks are generally cheaper than diesel.  Diesel engines also need a lot of regular maintenance which can be expensive too.  But for some reason, it does have a higher resale value and people just generally love their diesel trucks.  In the end, it simply boils down to your personal preferences.

Long bed or short bed?

When you’re considering work trucks to buy, naturally, you need to consider whether you need a long bed or a short bed work truck.  If you’re hauling building materials, like lumber and pipes, you do need a long bed truck to accommodate the weight and length of your construction materials.  However, if you simply need a truck that can carry heavy loads but without the necessary length, a short bed truck is your choice.

Used work trucks for sale

If your personal car can experience significant wear and tear if you use it every day to get you to your place of work and back, imagine the kind of stress that your work truck undergoes given the heavy loads it has to carry.  It’s understandable that your work truck will be more prone to breaking down than your personal car.  Even before your work truck actually breaks down, you have to browse around for used work trucks for sale.

You may think that used work trucks for sale are as old as the one you’re trying to replace.  In some instances, you may be right about that.  But that’s the best part about having more time to scout for used work trucks for sale.  You have more time to sift through all the ads and pick the ones that have the greatest potential.  With the Internet, you have plenty of opportunity to search fast and easy.  The hard part is probably narrowing down your choices and being flexible enough if you can’t find one that’s exactly to your heart’s desire.

To make it easy, you need to define exactly what you’re looking for when you’re looking at used work trucks for sale.  Though you may generally have a budget in mind, you can easily set that aside if you find something that’s an easily justified purchase.  So, your first instinct is to decide if you have a partiality to any of the brands of used work trucks for sale.  Truck owners are usually adamant about their truck’s brand, be it Ford, GMC, Dodge or Chevy.  Limit your search to the brand that you want, possibly your favorite and you’ll be on your way.

Or possibly, you do want a different brand because you weren’t entirely satisfied with your current model.  You can still do a search and it will actually open up a world of opportunities for you since you’ll be looking at an entirely new roster of trucks, some you’ve probably never even considered before.  If you see something interesting, jot it down because you need to pay the seller a visit.

Once you meet up with the seller, it’s best that you bring your own personal mechanic with you, or not if you are a mechanic yourself.  The reason is simple.  You need someone to look the truck over to see any defects in the body, in the engine and assess how much the repairs will probably cost you in the long run.  Remember that you may be getting the used work truck cheap but you don’t want to spend too much on fixing it once you get it.

You also need to ask the seller for the work truck’s maintenance and accident history.  If you see that the truck has been well-cared for, then you know it can last you a number of years more, like it was brand new.  But, if it has been in a number of accidents or if wasn’t properly maintained then it will probably be breaking down regularly and you wouldn’t want that.

Choosing among service trucks for sale

When you’re running a business and you utilize service trucks as a major part of your business, it’s never too early to go looking for service trucks for sale.  It’s better to keep abreast of the prices and the available stock in the market so that when the time comes, you know where to go and what to buy and for how much.  The traditional way of looking for service trucks was to look at classified ads, call the person who placed the ad and meet up for vehicle inspection.  This method used to take a long time.  It’s a good thing that you have the Internet now to make the process a whole lot faster.

Have an idea of what you’re looking for

When you go online and browse through websites specializing in service trucks for sale, you’re going to have an idea of what out’s there in the market.  This will help you narrow down specific features of the service trucks that you’re looking to buy.  Considering that there are a number of service trucks for different types of businesses out there, you may want to limit your search to those you can use in your business.  After all, if you don’t need a service truck with a crane at the moment, there’s really no point in looking at them.

Pre-owned or Brand New

You can also narrow down your search for service trucks for sale by deciding whether you want a pre-owned or a brand new one.  The main difference is the cost or price of the service trucks.  Naturally, brand new service trucks cost a lot more than pre-owned ones although you do have certain warranties that come with them.  Also, you don’t have to worry about them breaking down immediately, not for a few years more, because you’re getting a pristine vehicle when you buy them brand new.  On the other hand, a pre-owned vehicle costs less but come with a few downsides.  Since it is pre-owned it must have been used before so you have to make sure that it’s still well-maintained and not abused.  Some repairs may be in order and that is why it’s important to bring a mechanic along to estimate just how well the pre-owned service truck is.  You may be surprised by the cheap price but then you’ll be saddled with heavy expenses for repairs if you’re not careful with your purchase.

Buy from a reputable seller

Once you’ve found several potential service trucks, you just need to pick the right one based on your meeting with the seller.  From the Internet, you may have some problems with inspecting the vehicle if it’s located out of state and you have to travel to get there.  But if you think it’s a really good deal, then maybe you can’t let the opportunity pass you by.  The important thing is that you buy from a reputable seller.  You can probably gauge if you’re dealing with a good one based on the information that he’s willing to share, based on the way he communicates and just generally from the vehicle inspection results.

Browsing trucks for sale by owner websites

It’s just fascinating to browse the Internet when you’re in the mood to search for something.  It’s practically ingrained now that when you need to look for something whether it’s research for school homework or a recipe that you want to try or news about your favorite celebrity, you turn to the Internet for that kind of information.  It’s the same if you want to browse for trucks for sale by owner.  It lets you search a number of websites in short a time that’s why it’s a good resource.

There are many reasons why you’re going to look for trucks for sale by owner.  First, you own a personal truck and you’re looking to replace it because it’s near the breaking point.  During times of crisis, you want to hold on to your cash as much as you can so you’re looking for bargain deals that wouldn’t really sacrifice the quality that you’re looking for.  That’s why it’s more relevant to you to look for trucks for sale by owner because it’s easier to deal with one person and get the information about the vehicle straight from the source.

If you’re looking to replace your business truck – be it a utility/service truck, a pickup truck or even a semi, you can start your search with websites that offer trucks for sale by owner.  There are many websites that offer trucks for sale but there are just so many to choose from that it may take you a long time to find the ones you need.  If you go directly to websites that offer trucks for sale by owner, you can immediately surf for the truck that you require and just simply contact the owner.  If all goes as planned, then you have your truck as soon as the deal pushes through.

If you’re going to be talking and negotiating with the owners of the trucks, you have to remember a few things.  For instance, you really do need to inspect the trucks yourself even though there’s a glowing description on the website and photos to support the claim.  It’s different when you can really see and inspect the vehicle, better yet bring a mechanic with you, so that you can be sure that the engine is good, you’ll have no need for much repairs and that the price the owner is asking is equitable for the state of the vehicle.

You also need to remember to ask for the vehicle’s history.  You need to see the record of its maintenance, especially if it’s a business truck which means that it’s been on the road a lot more than a personal truck would.  It’s also possible that it has carried heavy loads so all these things have an impact on the reliability of the truck.  It’s better to learn about all these details before you settle with the owner.  You don’t want to get a lemon for a truck because you didn’t pay attention to the important details.

Types of bucket trucks for sale

When you’re asked to look into bucket trucks for sale, you may at first be confused by the term.  What exactly are bucket trucks?  If you notice utility trucks on the side of the road fixing power cables and phone lines, where are they standing?  They’re literally standing in the “buckets” of the bucket trucks, which is why they’re called as such.  Each bucket truck is different depending on the purpose and there are a number of them so you need to be specific when you’re looking for bucket trucks for sale.

Bucket trucks are basically the same except for some minor differences depending on where you use them.  For instance, if you’re looking for forestry bucket trucks for sale, you’re sure to be looking at bucket trucks that are meant to reach tall trees.  One consideration for bucket trucks for use in forestry is the height limit of the unit.  However, the higher your reach is, the more expensive it becomes, so that’s something to think about.  The booms on a forestry bucket truck are also generally insulated as a precaution against power lines.  A flat bed is also required together with some storage compartments.

Utility or line bucket trucks for sale are more common.  Considering the nature of their job, the booms are often insulated.  They also need to reach high poles so it’s a given that you need a minimum of 50 ft for utility/line trucks for sale.  Since the job can sometimes require two or three people, you need to choose from different configurations – 1 single bucket, 2 single buckets or a 2-man tub.  Utility and storage beds are also mighty handy for this job.

Another industry that makes use of bucket trucks is advertising.  You need sign bucket trucks to arrange advertising signages and other advertising paraphernalia.  For these trucks, you need double buckets because the workload usually needs 2 people working in tandem.  A storage bed is also handy.  Some advertising companies also prefer having a crane on their bucket trucks to facilitate heavy loads.  Advertising bucket trucks come in many different sizes and are usually versatile to handle any job.

Since you now know the different types of bucket trucks, there are also some important things to remember when buying them.  First, every bucket truck is built for a specific purpose.  You can’t go modifying a bucket truck to suit your needs.  At the very least, you need to ask permission from the manufacturer if you can modify it and get the corresponding license to operate it.  Why go through the trouble of buying a bucket truck that’s not suited for your purpose.  Think about what you need, look for the specific truck, buy it and operate it.  It’s actually very simple.

Once you are able to acquire the bucket truck for your business, respect if for the machine that it is.  It can make the job easy and fast but it also requires the right person to operate it.  Make sure to observe the guidelines set forth when operating a bucket truck because lives are at stake. 

Choosing among lifted trucks for sale

Imagine if you can modify your trucks and make it way cooler and (in some cases) more useful than they already are.  That’s why lifted trucks are so popular and it can be hard to choose among the many lifted trucks for sale in the market.

It doesn’t hurt to dream and looking at lifted trucks for sale on the web can be a hobby until you can finally save up and buy one for yourself.  It’s good to look at what’s available in the market so that by the time you’re ready to purchase, you already know what it is that you want and it’s just a matter of finding the right seller and taking the lifted truck home for more than a spin.

When you’re browsing online, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is your budget.  What can your budget get you?  This is a good place to start because you’re able to determine whether you can afford the top quality lifted trucks for sale or not.  If not, you will have to adjust your specifications or up the budget in order to afford the top of the line lifted trucks for sale.  Also, knowing your budget and cross checking that with the available stock, you can determine if you are going to buy a brand new lifted truck or one that’s pre-owned.  Though a brand new truck can be less stressful since there’s nothing wrong with it and it has warranties, a pre-owned one may be more affordable and will probably have more character because there may be more modifications added to it.  You may even find very unique lifted trucks for sale especially those that were custom-built by its owners.

Once you know what you’re looking for, you can then proceed to look for sources to get them from.  You can search the regular ads, post in online forums, talk to dealers or simply visit websites that sell lifted trucks and get in touch with the people who are selling theirs.  It’s good to have a number of sources because it means you can get the best value for your lifted truck.  Regardless of where you’re buying the lifted truck, you need to bring a mechanic with your for inspection.  If it’s not brand new, it’s better to get the vehicle’s maintenance history and accident reports (if any).  The mechanic will be there to corroborate whether the seller is telling the truth about the vehicle.  This way, you won’t be surprised by the sudden cropping up of faulty parts once you have the vehicle with you in your garage.  You may have gotten it cheap but what if it turns out that you’ll be paying more for the repairs than what you’re prepared for?  You would have been on the losing side of the deal.  You have to be careful with your purchase because it’s your hard-earned money and safety at stake.

Semi trucks for sale by the owner

If you have some truck driving experience and you want to go into business for yourself, you may want to look into commercial truck driving.  You just need a commercial driving license, with some certifications that you passed the required training, some contacts with freight companies so you have a steady flow of job orders and of course a semi truck that you’ll use to actually do the job.

It would be nice if you can afford a brand new semi truck to start your business.  But, in the real world, most people would probably start with looking for semi trucks for sale by the owner in order to save some money to operate the business.  Though you can also go to truck manufacturers for their 2nd hand semi trucks, you may find it cheaper to haggle and bargain for semi trucks that are for sale by the owners.

The best place to start looking for such semi trucks is the Internet.  You can also look for them in newspapers but you’ll only be looking at the tip of the iceberg.  The Internet has a slew of websites that cater to semi trucks that are for sale by the owners.  You can expect to find a general description of the semi truck that’s being sold as well as pictures to give you an idea of what you’re buying.  If you have no idea about buying semi trucks, this is also a good way of finding out exactly what they are because you’ll encounter different brands, different models and you’ll be able to compare them against each other.

Another advantage to searching through the Internet is that you don’t have to drive miles and miles to get in contact with the owner.  You can easily send emails with your questions and can easily verify if the owner that’s selling the semi truck is reputable, since the industry is still small.  You’ll also be able to contact them via phone if they provide their contact numbers to make the negotiations faster and quicker.

One other place that you can get good leads on semi trucks that are for sale by the owner is if you drop by several forums catering to truck owners and groups.  You can get good recommendations and even do’s and don’ts when you do end up buying your own semi truck.  It’s also a good place to build a network of business friends to help you on your way.

If you’re going to go this route, of buying directly from the owner, you need to be able to have the chance to inspect the vehicle for yourself.  You need to be able to get its maintenance records and accident history to evaluate whether it’s selling price is as good as it gets.  Think about it.  You may be getting the semi truck cheap but then if you didn’t know that it’s been in a number of accidents, you may end up with a lemon because you have to keep repairing it as it easily breaks down.  Your investment may not be good after all.

Checking out commercial trucks for sale

At some point in your business, you will eventually be on the lookout for commercial trucks for sale when your own vehicles show signs of wear and tear.  You do not need to wait until there’s really no other choice.  You can scan classified ads on a regular basis to just have an idea of the selling prices of commercial trucks.  You can also browse the Internet, which is a faster alternative, if you want more choices.  Here are some things to look out for when checking out commercial trucks for sale.

 Brand new or second hand

There’s no question that you will have less problems when you buy a brand new commercial truck for your business.  But this means a huge capital investment is needed in order to buy it and some of you may not be able to afford it considering today’s economy.  An alternative is to consider 2nd hand commercial trucks.  They may not be as pristine as brand new commercial trucks but they’re more affordable and some are still in good condition.

Commercial truck specifications

Regardless whether you’re buying a brand new or second hand commercial truck, you need to narrow down your choices.  You need to make a list of the things that you are looking for in a commercial truck.  If you have a preferred brand, engine or other feature for your commercial truck, now is the time to think about those.  Once you have those requirements down, it will be easier for you to search for the trucks that fit your specifications.

Additional information

When you’re buying a brand new commercial truck, you need not bother yourself with maintenance records and accident histories because you’re getting your vehicle fresh from the factory.  There shouldn’t be any defects or malfunctions to worry about.  But, if you’re getting a second hand vehicle, you need to make sure to get this information from the seller to assess the condition of the vehicle that you’re eyeing.  It’s also a practical idea to bring a mechanic with you when you go to inspect the vehicle so that you can see the vehicle’s condition for yourself.

Limitations of your budget

It’s understandable that when looking into commercial trucks for sale, especially with the intention of buying one, you already have an ideal budget in mind.  However, you need to be flexible when it comes to making the actual purchase because you have to weigh the condition of the vehicle and assess any repairs or flaws that need to be addressed before you can use it (if it’s a second hand vehicle).

Reputable dealers

Another important thing to remember is to make sure that the dealer or seller that you’re buying from (if you met each other through the Internet) is a reputable one.  Check out any testimonials and gauge his sincerity and honesty about the vehicle.  You can tell how honest someone is by his consistency in transactions, by his openness about the vehicles in his care and simply by the way he communicates with his clients.